Sustainable and creative project development


About us

We are a non-profit organisation from Leuven that develops projects in a sustainable manner. Our mission is to change the norms regarding sustainability and we try to lead by example.
Our projects are financed by sponsoring and subsidies. All profit, if any, goes straight to other organizations who try to make a better place out of this world.


All our projects are in some way linked to the sustainability topic. Be it books, food or garbage. We put great investment at raising awareness to the ecological problems we face, in a creative but professional way.

At our bakvoetbal event, we offer vegan catering at fair prices. In this way we try to stimulate non-vegans to try out ecological food alternatives, hoping they will start eating those on a regular basis. The same counts for Vegan Sandwich, one of our projects where we try to normalize ecological food consumption. Besides food, we also work on limiting our trash production. By stimulating secondhand student books and avoiding packaging when serving food.


Belgium has many sustainability related projects to offer. Unfortunately, those events tend to be unpragmatic or polarizing. We try to organize new and creative projects which are for all citizens, and not only those bothered about climate. By approaching the problems in a playful way, it becomes easier to include those who initially were less involved.

Apart from sustainability, our main objectives are joy and being together with friends. Having a good vibe compensates for the problems we try to address. The right atmosphere is maintained by having a smooth organization.


Eventus is a non-profit organization. Everything is financed by self-generated revenue, sponsorships and subsidies. The small margin we make on our catering compensates for general expenses, so we normally end up breaking even on our events. The external fundings are used to cover the expenses of developing new projects. All remaining budget goes straight to social -or ecological organizations. An example of those is DLA, one of our own charity projects.

Current projects

Bakvoetbal →

A football tournament for Leuven students. There are beer bins on field, which should be avoided, in case you hit any, you have to drink a beer before you can continue to play. Proved to be a successful concept, good summer vibes, friends and football.

Paneco →

Together with local citizens and sandwich bars we try to tackle the problem of the limited selection of vegan sandwiches offered. We challenge 20 teams to create a tasteful, healthy and vegan sandwich. Volunteers will rate them and this will hopefully result in adding the best vegan sandwiches to the menu of sandwich bars.

Book Cycle →

Out of the 150 000 studying books sold to KU Leuven students annually, only 10-15% is sold secondhand. This amount could be increased to 70% if appropriate systems were to be implemented. We challenge student associations and students to step up their game, by means of an intercampus competition.



Industrial engineering

Project coordinator Responsible for planning, procurement and execution of the project.



Article writer Writes the article and technical posts.



Interal communication & video editor Stands in for the communication with all participating teams. Scriptwriter and video-editor of the promo-video.



Business relations Responsible for cooperations with external organizations.


Business engineering

Score calculator Calculates the final score of each sandwich, using tools used for Nutri- and Eco-score.


Graphic design

Content creator Designed the logo and stands in for the corporate identity.



Event logistics In control of all event-related logistics.



Public relations Responsible for maintaining our social media accounts and communications about the events.



Industrial engineering

Project coordinator & Business relations Responsible for planning, procurement and execution of project



Business relations & video-editor Stands in for the cooperation with external organizations. Writes the script, and directs the filming of the promo-video.



Article writer Writes the articles and technical posts related to our project.


Civil engineering

Public relations In control of our social media accounts and the communication towards the public.


Civil engineering

Internal communicator In charge of the communication to student associations.



Civil engineering

Project coordinator Coordinates the planning and execution of the event.



Sponsoring & administration Arranges sponsor contracts and manages the administration.


European studies

Food catering In charge of the selection of the food we offer and food-logistics during the event.



Coordinator terrain Stands in for the location, division of terrain and the tournament. Helps making the terrain division and managing the tournament.



Report & Video editor In control of the after-movie, covers both selection of video shots and -editing.



Safety manager In control of the safety during the event. Gives first care in case of an accident.


Industrial engineering

Event logistics Stands in for the general logistics before and during the event.


Business engineering

Accountant Responsible for our accountancy.